Open House lead generation

More Leads. Less Time.

Today’s home buyers expect a tech savvy real estate agent. Make the best first impression at your next Open House with Dwellingo's easy-to-use lead generation system.

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Easily create an Open House digital sign-in for any property.

With Dwellingo, you’ll be able to:
  • Promote your new Open Houses online to drive traffic to each listing
  • Use multiple devices during your Open House to collect more leads
  • Transfer leads into your CRM to continue and track communications
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Dwellingo’s Real Estate Platform is designed for speed and convenience.

Custom Questions

Customize the Open House Sign-In page with an assortment of our preset questions, such as "Are you Pre-qualified with a Lender?" allowing you to collect more information from prospective leads.

Automatic Follow-Up

Dwellingo will automatically send each registered Open House visitor a follow up email with the property information and a personal message with agent branding to create a deeper connection with each lead.

Social Media

With Dwellingo, you can easily share and promote your upcoming Open Houses across multiple social media channels to drive online and offline visitors to the property.

CRM Integration

Once leads are collected, you’ll be able to export those contacts directly into your CRM to continue and track further communications.

Server Backup

Protect your leads and their privacy. Dwellingo’s Open House Sign-In Leads are stored in a secure database as they happen.

Digital Sign In

Some visitors don't like to write their personal information on a public paper sign-in sheet that everyone can see. Dwellingo’s digital sign-in sheet is cleared after every sign in.

Unlimited Showings

Hold as many Open Houses as you’d like. We’ll track each one for you and help you generate the most leads.

Unlimited Leads

Generate as many leads as you can, and we’ll help you send them to your own CRM.

Agent Profiles

Promote your brand. Agents can upload their profile photo and logo to brand their sign-in page and emails.

Any Device

Dwellingo’s Digital sign-in platform can be used on any internet connected device. Set up a laptop in the kitchen. Keep a tablet in your hands.

MLS Integration

– Coming Soon! –

Unlike the competition, we don’t require you to waste time uploading your property photos and information. We handle that through our direct MLS integration. Simply enter the property address or MLS number and we’ll take care of the rest.

Property Page

– Coming Soon! –

With Dwellingo’s online property info, you can generate more leads by sending internet and social media visitors to our site promoting your upcoming open house.

Open Houses continue to be one of the best ways for real estate agents to generate and connect with buyer and seller leads. In order to get the most out of every open house, agents need a simple and efficient way to collect each visitor’s contact information.

With Dwellingo, agents can easily create an Open House Digital Sign In for any property. This allows agents to collect contact information from every visitor turning them into valuable leads. They can then export those leads to their CRM to continue building those relationships.

Summer 2019: Dwellingo will begin integrating MLS data in new markets, allowing agents to create an Open House Digital Sign In for any property in under 30 seconds. Through direct MLS integration, Dwellingo will automatically generate Open House digital sign ins which will also provide visitors valuable property and neighborhood information.